Zetec Ltd was founded in 1995 as an engineering-based design consultancy service, with expertise in design of ergonomics, marine equipment, office furniture, ride-on vehicles, kitchen/bathroom and outdoor appliances, cosmetic items, large assemblies and intricate mechanisms, cosmetics, food containers, architectural fittings, automotive decorative components, automotive instrumentation, door-locks, engines and scientific equipment.  Zetec has designed more than 300 products in these fields.  In addition to broad experience in electronics, industrial design, project management and manufacturing, Zetec is recognised as a world leader in the use of 3D mechanical CAD (SolidWorks) for industrial design (based upon CAD industry awards, publications, editorials, speaking and consulting invitations).  Zetec also develops and distributes its own products, having established distributors in USA, UK, and Japan along with selling on-line via e-commerce.