Welcome to zetec An expert engineering-based design service

Welcome to zetec

Greetings, my name is Paul. I am the managing director of Zetec Ltd, an expert engineering-based design service. Whether you have landed on this site to learn more about the specialty design services that Zetec offers, or whether you are here to learn more about Shark Seating...

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About zetec

Zetec Ltd was founded in 1995 as an engineering-based design consultancy service, with expertise in design of ergonomics, marine equipment, office furniture, ride-on vehicles, kitchen/bathroom and outdoor appliances, cosmetic items, large assemblies and intricate mechanisms, cosmetics, food containers, architectural fittings, automotive decorative components, automotive instrumentation, door-locks, engines and scientific equipment.  Zetec has designed more than 300 products in these fields.  In addition to broad experience in electronics, industrial design, project management and manufacturing..read more

About Paul Zwaan

Paul Zwaan has over 26 years of experience in product design, project management and electronics.  He qualified with an M.E. in 1982 and since then has worked in the fields of scientific equipment, healthcare and electronic products, small electric vehicles and has lectured in electrical engineering. Having drawn much experience through R&D management positions during 12 years of service at Fisher & Paykel, Paul has since then leveraged this experience in innovative projects, business and joint ventures including Zetec Ltd, Shark Seating, and Spitfire Semiconductors Ltd.

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